Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

2010-52: Flowstone cave at Bosnyák tér?

Christmas was very employer-friendly on the weekend, and this week was officially a normal week. But nevertheless not much happened during the last days, everybody's still chilling with big Christmas bellies.

The new media law created big waves in Europe last week, and also this week the swell is still significant. But there are not much news. Except maybe, that at MTI a lot of people work with minor knowledge of foreign languages. How else could it be that the statements of Merkel and several other politicians have been translated so wrong, strangely always in such a way that Orbán looked better than in the original text. That can only be a coincidence. But still annoying, these people should be fired immediately.

That's possible now anyways, because from January 1st on, civil servants may be fired without any given reason, with a notice period of two months. And nobody may strike against this. Because the law regarding strikes will also be adapted. And before a union may proceed with a strike, they have to negotiate which kind of services should still be available during the strike. This is especially important for public transport, garbage collection and waterworks.

Do the thermal baths count to waterworks, too? Their services might be important for Budapest inhabitants who prefer to be clean, might the waterworks stop their services some time. But the thermal baths have created a deficit of 700 million Forint in 2010. They are as good as illiquid, just like the public funeral service company and the public sewage disposal company. Luckily, for all three companies it is unthinkable that they go bankrupt and cut their services.
Tarlós had suggested a fusion of the problematic BKV together with Volánd and MÁV. I don't want to imagine what plans he might have for fusions of the new problematic companies. Thermal water, waste water...

It is well known that water has astonishing powers. For example, it creates flowstone caves. In the Pilis mountains it was officially affirmed that two already known caves are actually one continuous cave, and therefore this cave is officially on the third rank in the country regarding length, with a length of 11.7 kilometers. The longest cave system can be found in the North at Aggtelek, and the second longest cave has a length of 19 kiloemeters in the Pálvölgy in Budapest.

Another very long cave, though man-made and not created by leaking water tubes, is located right in the middle of the city. He has the short name M4, and the depth is not know yet. Most probably it is a bottomless pit. The construction works keep on going and going and are more expensive than planned, and now they will have the longsome court fights with the french waggon constructors... That's the reason why metro 4 might be shorter than planned, terminus will be Keleti and not Bosnyák tér. For tourists, this has the advantage that there won't be two stations in the metro network which have the same name Dózsa György út.

What else is important? Fitch has downgraded Hungary's credit liability, and the government has reacted with the usual reflexes. The opposition (do we have something like this?), formed by MSZP and LMP, have finally come together and decided to create a shadow fiscal council, since the previous council has been cut down to insignificance. Foreigners still are not allowed to purchase arable land, and 57% of the Hungarians would still vote for Fidesz. Well, at least now less than 50% are enthusiastic about the creation of a new constitution. That doesn't mean, though, that more than 50% are strictly against it. And anyways, Orbán will not ask the people, so much was clear after the childish slugfest with Gyurcsány in parliament. 42% of the Hungarian still don't see any improvements in their living conditions, despite all the new laws. We are curious about the new year and of course about the Hungarian council presidency! Happy New Year!

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