Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010


Zwischen Dombóvár und Szekszárd liegt der kleine Ort Kurd, und kurz davor wiederum ein winziger Weiler namens Csurgópuszta. Und dorthin führt diese Straße durch malerische Winterlandschaft.

Between Dombóvár and Szekszárd you find the small village Kurd, and just before getting there, you will pass the small hamlet Csurgópuszta. This road leads there, through a scenic winter landscape.


  1. Thanks for adding the English text to your blog. Previously I had to read your comments via Google translate.

    It is particularly interesting to see your photos of Zuglo because I lived there for several years within 5 minutes walk of the underpass homeless market.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I figured that English is the web language, and though I first decided to do this in my mother tongue (that's rather Hungarian and not English, is it?), I'll now try to translate things.

    I live more like 15 minutes walking distance from the underpass, but when travelling by BKV to work, I change from 69 to 1 and have to pass there every day.