Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

2011-01: Pizza delivery boys will guard ballot boxes!

Here we are, Europe has arrived in Hungary. At the airport, a warehouse for sorting post will become a VIP lounge for the EU guests. They will still sort there, so that the good ones go to Orbán, and the bad ones fly directly back home. And Mrs. Nagy Anna has a beautiful haircut, right on time for the council presidency, since she's the face of the presidency. An expensive face that is, the bills from the hairdresser sum up to about 450,- €. Who would be reminded of Palin's campaign expenses?

Orbán has received the official flag and the baton of the council presidency from the Belgium prime minister. There were only little hints about the media law, apart from that there was only peace and hapiness and... pancakes, as we say in German, or rather palacsinta in Hungarian. The personal talks of Barroso and Orbán, which took place today, might have been different, because Barroso hat the media law on his agenda. Maybe he will raise the topic of credibility, about which already state minister Hoyer has complained: How can Hungary discuss the freedom of media with Belarus, and white a clear conscience?

Orbán already moved back a bit and has announced, that he would change the media law, in case the commission has substantial critisism. But if it's about paragraphs that are used somewhere else in Europe, too, those country would have to change their laws, too, otherwise nothing will happen in Hungary. And a Orbán doesn't fear the blackmail of socialist media!
He's right there, first of all, dear viktor. But a law is more than the sum of its paragraphs, and just because "Mein Kampf" and the bible both have been printed with the same letters and words, they have rather a quite different content.

On January 14th, 2011, at 18:00 o'clock, there will be a demonstration for freedom of press on Kossuth tér!

And now to some good news: Two thirds of the young Hungarian doctors would refrain from gratitude money, if their salaries are doubled. That sounds excessive. But in general, most of them would already join the party for a monthly salary of 1,250.- €. Supporters of the initiative want to wear a green cross in the future. So keep your eyes open, and when in doubt, hand over a zero-Forint-banknote.

Some real Forint banknotes would be helpful for the Gandhi highschool in Pécs right now, their state support will be cut. All together, 35 foundations for supporting Roma are supposed to be closed, and their duties will be taken over by state organisations. For sure, many of these foundations have not worked correctly with the state support they received. But will the state do a better job? In any case, it's fatal signal towards the Roma selfgovernment. And if that's the direction into which Orbán wants to go to solve the "Roma problem" in Europe, it might become quite uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable it will also be for Pizza thieves in Kaposvár. Because armed robberies on pizza delivery boys have occured with increasing numbers during the last months, all pizza delivery boys will now be armed with tasers. That moves them one step ahead of the garda, which is official still unarmed. And with a taser, you can warm up the pizza again, in case the delivery took too long.

Not much longer, and there might be new elections in Hungary. At least the rumour has it, that Fidesz plans elections for 2012, after the new constitution has been put into place. Mesterházy Attila is already very eager and promises to make the MSZP once again an alternative that you can vote for. Apart from the question, how this should happen, you can expect Fidesz only to announce elections when Orbán is sure that he will win them. How he will assure this, we will see. But he will not be squeamish about it.

But perhaps elections will simply not take place in Hungary anymore, for pure bureaucratical reasons. KDNP wants to banish Sunday work from 2012 on, Sunday is supposed to be a sacred day again. Well, and who will guard the ballot boxes and count the votes? You see, nobody will. And everything stays as it is.

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