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2011-10: Delete "republic", insert "promised land"

Hungary isn't supposed to be a republic anymore, but simply Hungary. That is one of the many details of the design for the new constitution. Szijjártó Péter explained, that everybody can identify with "Hungary", but that many people don't like the expression "republic". Yes, first of all this might be our völkisch friends of Jobbik, but anyways, Fidesz is bending down backwards in front of those people in any suitable situation.

Tárlos on the other hand wants to rename Lagymanyosi híd after Szent László, that was a suggestion by MIÉP. And after Jobbik suggested to erect new city signs in Zugló, with old Hungarian cuneiform script on them, Papcsak immediately went into action and personally unvealed the new sign at the Kerepesi/Rona crossing. As if anyone will be able to drive through Budapest traffic and read these signs from right to left while driving by. That only works with split attention, and it that moment the driver will brush a mother and her buggy from the zebra. Pedestrian lights, on the other hand, are too expensive for Papcsák. And anyways, the main roads are the citys task, on not the ones of the district government.
I am sure the new signs didn't cost a single forint. The change of the name of the country will be for free, too, said Szijjártó. This man is nearly as good in mathematics as finance genius Matolcsy. Of course, new coins and bills, new letter heads, new signs on all kind of buildings and borders crossings... But we will have to live with this. A package should always contain what is written on it, and since there is less and less republic in it, the change is only logical.

The same is true for food. Not everything that is labeled with "made in Hungary" did grow in Hungarian soil. Turkish paprika has only to be portioned in Hungary to become "made in Hungary". and at Tesco you find nice garlic from makó, but if you look closer, you see: "made in China". Well, that's at least honest. But why does it pay off to import Chinese garlic to Hungary?! Because of all this, "made in Hungary" will be better marked and secured, so that you really buy Hungarian quality...

Then there is football (or soccer for the Americans). Here the foreign quality didn't convince either in the past (e.g. Lothar Matthäus). So now a lot of money should compensate for that what doesn't come by itself. 238 billion Forint will be pumped into this sport, 106 billions thereof will be paid by the state. With this, Orbán wants to connect to the golden times of the golden team. And surely his football academy in Felcsút will get its share, too. The annual congress 2012 of FIFA will already take place in Hungary. FIFA isn't really famous for transparency and absence of corruption lately, their functionaries will feel at home in Hungary.

One thing is sure: Budai Gyula will not harass them. He's still dealing with philosophers and other liberal and socialistic riffraff. Because most of the time he's only producing smoke and slates people aready during his investigations" with all press around, without backing up his accusations with facts, Gyurcsány and Bajnai have now sued him for 3. Mio HUF (each) for defamation. He had accused them both several times of false testimonies in connection with the lake Velence investments. Budais lawyer commented, they shouldn't be such sissies.
Complete silence is on the other hand regarding misdeads of Fidesz. There's for example Zsiag Marcell from Miskolc, member of parliament and mayor in the last row. This honorable MP handed in his expense statements both in parliament and in the city government of Miskolc and got twice the money. Of course, that was just an unfortunate mistake, he got away with a mild fine and a warning. Guttenberg would laugh about this. And Budai is silent.
Then there is of course Meggyes Tamás, the lunatic ex-mayor of Esztergom, who with a lot of half- and illegal activities supported good friends (e.g. Bayer Zsolt) and thus pushed his city into bankruptcy. Neither was he stopped by Orbán, nor are the Fidesz members of city council men enough to cooperate with the independend new mayor. They rather block everything and accept that E.On turns of the street lights. And Budi is silent.

Including Esztergom, there are now 12 communities that cannot pay anymore, and there are several others that practically have not a single forint either. That's why communicites are supposed to be allowed to raise a wide variety of small taxes, according to government plans, so that they can improve their financial situation. The household deficit is already at 81,4% of the annual plan. There's no margin anymore.
Meanwhile, the government noticed that 16% income tax are less than 32%. And additionally, the small earners don't profit of the new tax, because they earn too little. The solution? No, of course we won't change the tax laws! That would be completely contra-productive. Much better: We will force the employers by law to raise the salaries, until everybody has enough: The employees enough money, and the employers simply enough.

Enough heard have most of us about the topic "media law". But it's not gone yet, even though on Monday the changed were implemented that the EU commission asked for. These changes were little things anyways, since nobody wanted to escalate this during the Hungarian council presidency. Right after the changes you could hear that Dunja Mijatovic (OECD) still considers the law to be not conform with OECD-rules, additional critic comes from the International Press Institute, from the European Council and last but not least from the European Parliament, which passed a resolution. In it, Hungary is asked to make further changes to the law, and the commision is asked to create an EU directive to safeguard the freedom of press. A closed topic looks different.
As was to be expected, state secretary Kovács Zoltán talks about a witch hunt. Of course it's always been the others. What a surprise. That was always like this, Hungary is well trained to blame others and to search for the problem in liberal and anti-hungarian conspiracies. That's something that Nyerges András explained recently, Balogh Éva summarized it nicely in English - here.

Remains as the last topic a short glimpse on the new constitution. If the government gets its will (and KDNP will make sure of this), the constitution will open with the first lines of the national anthem: "Isten, áldd meg a magyart / Jó kedvvel, bőséggel..." Or in English: "God, bless the Hungarian / with merry and abundance..." Yes, that's what a secular state needs in the 21st century: The first word of the constitution is "god". If Hungary even officially ask for the help of an imaginary uncle in the sky, the situation must be really bad.

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