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2011-11: Orbán pays students for Bunga Bunga á la Fidesz

We acknowledge the power of Christendom for the conversation of the nation. (...) We avow ourselves to family and nation as the most important framework of our cohabitation, and to fidelity, belief and love as the basic values our solidarity. (...) We pay honour to the achievements of our historical constitution and of the Holy Crown, the embodiment of the constitutional stately continuity of Hungary. (...) We do not acknowledge the legal continuity of the communist constitution of 1949, of which foreign rule was the basis, and we declare its nullity.

End of last week the Fidesz constitution was presented to the public, and these are excerpts of the preamble (translation Pustzaranger / Rigó Jancsi). The new constitution is supposed to be nodded through parliament on April 18th and to be signed by Szent Pál on April 25th, Easter Monday. Resurrection of the nation. Those who still don't believe that Hungary is the chosen nation now will know it better. Christiandom will be firmly anchored in the constitution, that really pleases all muslims, buddhists and atheists. And with the reference to the holy crown all the other Christians, who don't believe in this kind of symbolism, will be rejected, too. Because Fidesz knew beforehand that this will be critized, Szent Pál sat down with Ratzinger himself and counted those countries that already mention the big bushy beard in the sky. Fully nine countries they found. Amazing intellectual accomplishment. Unfortunately I don't care for Ratzinger's counting abilities at all. A modern secular state has to erase any reference to any kind of deity from it's constitution, and it has to restrict the influence of churches to the private area of its citizens. Period.

Back to the holy crown. Who the hell has canonized this crown? Had it been blessed before that? Has it worked the necessary miracles, the basis for any canonization? Or does it count as miracle of the crown, that the Hungarian nation still exists after 1.100 years of alternate self-destruction and occupation? This foreign rule is an interesting point. Since the battle of Mohács (1526) Hungary has practically always been under foreign rule, of which constitutional stately continuity does this preamble speak? Only with the end of the Habsburg empire Hungary became independent for a few fateful years. And the development that Hungary went through during this period is not something to be necessarily proud of.
The constitution of 1949 on the other hand doesn't exist anymore today, because it was complete re-phrased during the change of system. Solyóm László joked during that time that only one sentence hadn't been changed in the constitution: "Budapest is the capitol of Hungary." I am no expert on constitution and don't acclaim that I can judge the quality of the constituion of 1989. But alone this preamble of the new designed constitution is already a crule improvement for the worse.

With the new constitution Fidesz opens a new battle line, while the skirmish on the old line hasn't ended at all: On the national holiday, there took place a large demonstration on the Pest side head of Elisabeth bridge, the supposedly largest demonstration since the system change. At least 30.000 people came together to demonstrate for the freedom of press. Because the cosmetic changes that the EU commission asked for are not enough to disarm this law. Szent Päl meanwhile talked to the newspaper Welt and assured us that he will watch closely the work of the media council. That's nice, but will he intervene, too, if it becomes necessary? Does he have the right to do this anyways?

But not only the freedom of press was a topic. Of course a lot of fun was made of the new constitution, not least about the re-naming of the counties, which will become "castle-counties" again, and about the change from the "Hungarian Republic" to simple "Hungary". Unnecessary and expensive symbolism which is supposed to turn back the time. By the way, one corner on Ferenc körút will soon really be called Elvis Presley tér, and the name change of the airport has been fixed. Poor Feri. Gyere vissza, Feri! Maybe this is the real reason: Viktór was unhappy that it was called Ferihegy and not Viktórhegy. The enemy has to be destroyed completely.

The enemy doesn't sit in Hungary alone, he sits especially in Brussels, too. That's why Orbán dealt out several blows to the EU during his speech on the stairs of the national museum, and he acclaimed that Hungary god rid of the dictate from Vienna and from Moscow and that he will not accept any dictates from Bussels either. Mind you, this is the current president of the EU speaking. Maybe someone should explain to him that the EU is no dictatorship. During the framework programme of the celebration, necessarily a poem by Petőfi was recited, too. Unfortunately, the fifth verse was ommitted (among others), which opens with: "Free press!" And that was not the only embarressment. To revitalize the audience a bit, 500 students were paid 1.500 forint each to form a nice background and to applaud every stupidity. That reminds me of Gaddafi, who ordered Italian girls for common Qur'an studies.

Anyways, the most interesting things are those that Orbán didn't mention, because the silence regarding a certain topic was so loud that it hurts the ears: Gyöngyöspata!
Into this littel northern Hungarian village with 2.500 inhabitants moved a few weeks ago about 1.000 gardists and other scum to supposedly reestablish law and order in the town. The garda officially doesn't exist in its old form anymore, so now this bunch calls itself vigilante group for a nicer future, "Szebb Jövőért Polgárőrség". They have been invited into the village by our heroe of the week: Tabi László, mayor of Gyöngyöspata and himself of a right exstremist attitude. Now he doesn't get rid of the spirits that he called, though he supposedly tried to. The extremists are supplied with food and logging by the inhabitants, and their task is to contain the 500 Roma that live in the village. These on the other hand are afraid to leave their houses and don't send their children to school anymore. When you look at the photos of menacingly clothed rednecks, you fully understand this. The police... doesn't do anything. Four skinheads were arrested for some time, that's all. Only after TASZ became present in the village on March 16th, the government felt the need to utter some words. Szíjjártó Péter had some astonishing ideas regarding the escalated situation, completely new insights into the function of rule of law: "Only the police has the right to establish public order". Well, congratulations for this insight!
Meanwhile, Szent Pál denied in his interview with the "Welt" that there is more rassism or extremism in Hungary than anywhere else in Europe. And measures to integrate Roma in all of Europe are high-priority goals of the Hungarian EU presidency. Yes, most likely in all of Europe, just not in Hungary! Vona Gábor on the other hand has flung his sheep's clothing into the corner and openly shows his mangy werewolf teeth. In parliament, he blathered on about the dangerously high birth rate of "gipsy women", and he wants to "regulate the ethnic ratio" in areas with a very high Roma population.

But Jobbik doesn't only want to score with dumb rassism. No, the gentle women and men now even have created their own plan to rescue the economy. They didn't name it after Széll Kálmán, since this name has been occupied already. No, for Jobbik it has to be nobody less than Béla IV., the so-called second founder of the nation, after the Mongolian storm. This instantly makes clear what Jobbik thinks of the socialists. What a pity that Béla especially settled Jewish families and granted them freedom of religion, so that they would finance the reconstruction of the country. But of course it's no news that the brown scum doesn't pay attention in history class. Well, this comes from that.

Now finally a good news: The section of the M43 between Szeged and Makó will be opened for the public. This moves Arad again a bit closer to Hungary, which will please both the nationalists and the Romanian truck drivers. And even better: Finally the onions and the garlic from Makó will be fast on the highway and distributed into the wide world... ahemm... Or the other way around, the chinese garlic will be faster in Makó for re-packaging, see last week's review. But now we have the already mentioned sign for Hungarian products: "Válassz Magyart!" A CD with short advertisement films had been a free supplement to the conservative weekly magazine "Heti Válasz". How very unfortunate that these CDs obviously have been pressed in Bulgaria... Well, cost effectiveness beats patriotism. No good news.

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