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2011-12: What's in a name?

It will be shorter today, because I'm abroad right now in the picturesque Unesco world heritage city Český Krumlov [ok, while translating into English, I'm already back in Budapest]. Because of this, there are many topics that I will not mention today, I have to save them for next time.

The Soviet Memorial on the Freedom place should be moved it possible. That's no news, this idea regularly comes up once in a while, since this memorial stands exactly where a long time ago earth from all corners of the country was heaped into a mound, and a red-white-green flag was erected on top of it. Very symbolic indeed. But you cannot simply move the memorial, obviously the Russians have a word to say, too, due to bilateral agreements. And anyways, there should be a central place that reminds that Hungary was on the wrong side in WW II, it's omitted and falsified often enough.

But the new idea is to rename the Szabadság tér into Roosevelt tér, since here's the American embassy. And the Roosevelt tér is supposed to become Széchenyi tér, because the Széchenyi bridge is already here, and his statue as well. Reminds me of the children game "The place to my right is empty!" Why so complicated, why not simply rename the Szabadság tér to Elvis tér? Well, that name has already been picked, but there are enough other Americans to which we look up. Michael Jackson tér. And Hess András tér up in the castle district will be renamed to Paris Hilton tér. The beautiful hotel which she will inherit one day is already there.

But seriously: This renaming cannot be done just like this. There are committees of which you've never heard, who have a say in such things, too. For example the committee on geographical names. If, just for an example, an international airport is supposed to receive a new name, then this committee has to take part in this decision. And the 21 members of this committee, linguists and geographs, decided 20 to 1 that the name "Ferihegy" should remane as some part of the future name of Budapest airport. That makes sense, since in any case everybody will keep calling it Ferihegy and not Liszt Ferenc. And Franz is Franz, it doesn't matter if you call it Ferihegy because of Mayerffy Ferenc or Listz Ferenc. Who cares.
Well, King Viktor cares. Until now, all members of the committee have lost their function there within, within two weeks the committee will have new members appointed. And some of the members have additionally lost their main jobs in government departments. Nobody told them that they simply shouldn't have their own opinion, they have to follow the line of the party in any case. That's not so difficult to grasp, is it? After all, under Kádár it was the same!

Unfortunately, the line of the party is not always very clear. Talking about Lybia for example, the leading Fidesz politicians contradict each other. On one occasion, Martonyi says that the UN resolution has Hungary's full support, on another occasion, Orbán says that the christian Europe doesn't have any business in the islamic North Africa. Well, so what shall it be now? Some times it's good to think first and talk later.

For Lázár János it would have been better, too, to follow this advise. But unfortunately he opened his mouth very widely, so that now Orbán's terrier gets it's teeth taken out. Now he notices how it feels like when someone publishes recordings and takes citations out of context. Lázár didn't lie from morning until evening, but he has called people worthless, who don't do anything with their lifes. That was already during a city council meeting of Hódmezővásárhely in 2008.
Lázár now announced that he will not run for mayor again in 2014. Of course there are already enough critics who wonder: Why wait until 2014? Nearly at the same time, Gulyás Gergely has announced that Fidesz will change a law that currently allowes to become mayor and member of parliament at the same time. That law was changed into this way by Horn Gyula, because there were too many mayors in his MSZP-SZDSZ coalition that were elected into parliament. But of course, the re-change of the law will only take place in 2014, because Fidesz itself has enough people with several public positions, too.

What I personally find very strange: The story was uncovered by That's very nice, but I wonder: Why do they now publish recordings from 2008, and why on And why did all other media took over these news from Who the hell reads this racist, disgusting portal? Obviously everybody. Strange.

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