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2011-37: Moussaka stains on the table of constitution

Thinking aloud usually isn't helpful, most of the times it drives the people around you crazy. Lázás has been thinking aloud about a fixation of the exchange rate for loans in Swiss Francs to 180 Forints and for Euro to 250 Forints, for the differences, the banks would have to bleed. Right after that, OTP crashed on the stock market. Why don't learn these provincial mayors from their previous mistakes?

During his talks last week with the chairman of the parliamentary group of CDU in Germany, Lázár most likely talked gibberish, too. Now, here's a German language joke. It always kills a joke when you translate it, but... gibberish = Kauderwelsch. And the chairman's name is Kauder. Very funny, haha. Anyways... What kind of common basis do Fidesz and CDU still have, on which they could talk? A basic understanding of democracy? They should rather have send an upright Christian like Semjén Zsolt or Mrs. Hoffmann, then they would have had the chance for a common prayer. That worked so well in Texas, wouldn't it be a great idea to do something similar in the Syma hall or in the Puskas stadium: A common prayer for a new, strong, united Hungary. And so there will be a new world order originating in Hungary. Says Szijártó. If that doesn't make the earth shake, close to Paks.

There were some people afraight in Paks, because of the statical integrity of the power plant. Don't fear, it's not made from Lego bricks. But actually, that wouldn't be a problem, since annually 9 billion of these small bricks come from Nyíregyháza, with an increasing tendency. Maybe they could sideline some of those for the power plant enlargement, then it would at least be a real Hungarian product. Because that's not always the case, even when it's written on it.

Just look at CBA and Auchan, which both have abused the Hungarian patriotism. But wasn't the advertisement brochure for "Magyar Termék" printed in a foreign country, too? Well, no hard feelings! The Pester Llyod said it right: The Hungarian office for competition is just on up to date. Where Hungarians live, there is Hungary. So no products coming from Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia or Austria are really imports. Actually, there simply are no imports at all, since Hungarians are living all over the world, just not so happily in Hungary itself, in the heart of the empire.

In order to stop the outflow, at least doctors and other university graduates now will be contractually bound to the land like in serfdom. Instead of improving the general conditions, someone rather puts a friendly, patriotic pressure on people. And if that doesn't help, you can still crank up the construction industry and build a new Iron Curtain, around Hungary and right through the Neusiedler Lake. But probably that won't help either, that would be cut off rather fast and sold to the next junkdealer.

Probably that's also the reason, why the public offices have been ordered to place an employee next to the table of the constitution. Not to help the interested citizens with the order form for their own copy of the constitution, but to prevent that they simply steal the expensive exhibit, the flower pot or maybe even the table. Wouldn't be a loss. Well, maybe the flower pot.

you can win a flower pot if you can name all 63 changes on laws, that Fidesz has planned for this autumn. 28 laws simply have to be changed not to contradict the new constitution from January on. I am sure that no member of parliament really has the overview, not even Lázár. And even worth: Nobody understands the abundand impacts and consequences that come with these changes.

For example the church: Now the teachers are protesting, because a school can only be financed by a religious institution, if that religion is an official church. Well, now some religions obviously have a problem with exactly this status, which they don't have anymore. Surely not the catholics, but maybe the witnesses and scientologists officially finance schools in Hungary?

One highlight of the changes surely will be labour law, or maybe we should rather talk about the law of slaves. Cancellation of minimum wage, much less dismissal protection, especially for older people, massive cuts on the union rights - everything is discussed. No wonder that the unions now sit all in the same boat and plan to paralyse the country at the end of september. They didn't have the chance to participate in the law making at all. Well, officially they had, some time in the summer, with a very short notice. But are they allowed to paralyse the country anyways? Don't they first have to ask a court for allowance?

Another highlight: election law. And once again nobody is seriously asked to participate. Orbán lask week announced the right to vote for Hungarians in the neighbouring countries. Slovakia is not amused, and Romania gnashed it's teeth, too, but keeps silent because it longs for the river Vitava/Moldau. Orbán on the other hands seems to long for Moussaka and talks about Hungary sliding down the Greek slope. How very good that we still pay with Forint, we will save us the re-introducing.
Gyurcány already called for an "active boykott" of the consultations for the new law, because he's not asked for his opinion. Anyways, they all can count on the passive boykott of the next election by the voters. The right to vote for foreign Hungarians might therefore be the only chance to push the voter turnout above 50%.

But it doesn't matter whether we talk about Hungarians abroad, the economic development, dreams of world domination - it never matters at all what Orbán has to say. That's what he said himself, in fron of foreign diplomats in 2006. And now he even topped it: You should not pay attention to his words but to his deeds, because that's what counts. How do we have to understand this? Orbán tells lies all the time, in the morning, midday and in the evening. So is there still any difference between this goodie with two shoes and his pre-predecessor? Oh, yes: Gyurcsány was already rich when he became prime minister, Orbán only got rich during his term. But in any case, Orbán puts us in a dilemma with his latest words: Now should we even believe that we shouldn't believe him anymore...?! His latest dream that we don't have to listen to: A state deficit below 3% in 2012.

To reach this, the tax load will be pushed up further: higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol, mineral oil and gambling will be pushed through parliament. Very good that we just had the best tobacco harvest for years. But what about the tax-free moonshine házipalinka? Somehow inconsistent, this tax policy. And what do higher taxes on gambling help, when there's still no casino in Sukoró??

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