Samstag, 24. September 2011

2011-38: Bread and Circuses in Madjarstan

Several thousand people have demonstrated last weekend, for democracy, freedom of press and against the current government... Excuse me? Wrong movie? Oh, sorry. They demonstrated for the preservation of Zöld Pardon on the bridge head of Lágymanyosi híd. But obviously it didn't help, the place will be closed down and bulldozed. There's no Lágymanyosi híd anymore, so there's no Zöld Pardon either. What would Rákóczi have said about that... The last concert will be by Tankcsapda. Heads up, tomorrow a new day will be dawning.

It's a dangerous path, to take away not only a lot of freedom but now also the bread and circuses from the people. Maybe the media law didn't motivate the people, but it seems that Zöld Pardon managed it. And they were even allowed to demonstrate, unlike the unions that planned to go to the streets next Saturday. But unfortunately they would disturb the traffic, and also the members of parliament at work, so: No demonstration allowed. Of course, that's understandable.

What the members do in Parliament on a Saturday? They practise the re-grouping. Strangely, there are not enough Fidesz members to cover all empty places in Parliament, even though they have their 2/3rd majority. That's why those who are present have to re-group all the time to give the cameras the impression of close ranks. As if that would be of any interest. The cameras rather concentrate on the scripts of the speakers. Or better: they concentrated. Because right after the publication and exposation to ridicule of Orbán's latest masterpiece, the cameras of certain press organisations were excluded from parliament by Kövér. Actually, it was his fault in the beginning, because he moved the press to the gallery above. Obviously he doesn't know what he wants. So he's in the right party.

Talking about excluded: Kertész Ákos has been excluded, he no longer has the key to the city of Budapest. Which means that he's no honorary citizen anymore. Kertész gave the American Népszava a rather stupid interview, without having any knowledge about genetics. Now all righteous rights cry out aloud, because he has insulted the Hungarian people. Obviously they don't know about genetics either. But they have the power, so they take away his honory rights, and maybe next will be his Kossuth award. And after that, they will take away the Madách-medal from Bayer Zsolt and the honory citizenship of Orosháza from Gömbös Gyula.

Excuse me? Where I have forgotten my medicamentation? Well, probably those pills are in the same drawer asbMatolcsy's pills. At least LMP was convinced during the budget presentation, that Matolcsy should urgently take his pills, to save the nation from it's top financial juggler. VAT-rate in the future: 27%. After the ridiculous council presidency, finally Hungary will really lead Europe and knock down Sweden and Denmark with their 25%.

In case Hungary will knock down other countries during the next Olympic games and win some medals, nobody will notice. Because "Hungary" will not take part in the next games, it will be "Magyarország". What a beautiful, patriotic idea! But there's room for improvement, they should rather use runes! The advantage: Nobody realizes where those athletes come from, and they will be greeted by friendly applause. Otherwise it might become uncomfortable for the Hungarians, in the European bank capital.

Várga Mihály just announced that he thinks it's alright if one or two banks leave the country, in connection with the current bank robbery. It was pure egoistic self-interest that made them trap the Hungarians and to convince them to take those loans...
How very mean. Usually, banks don't do things like that. Usually, there aren't any companies at all that work for profit, they all just operate out of fun and happiness and in common public interest. This attitude of the government shows two things: Total ignorance towards economical conceptions, and total arrogance towards the own people that are taken to be so stupid and naive that they can be lured into any trap and that have to be saved from themselves. Damn, and they seem to be right, the people were even lured to vote for Fidesz.

Schmitt didn't seem to be to successful in luring during his US-travels. Szent Pál has been travelling through the states last week, laid down wreathes at Kossúth busts and tried to sell citizenships. Obviously he was as successful as Kossúth during his attempt to enthrall the Americans for the Hungarian freedom fight. But since then, a lot of things have changed at the Danube. Democracy came, went, came again, became socialistic, then free again, and now here's Orbán. Nevertheless, the State Department says that Hungary is still on the democratic road. Last week it was the greek road. Maybe Deputy Assistan O'Melia did get something wrong, because of cradle of democracy and things like that. But I'm quite sure that Orbán didn't talk about that meaning.

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